Maximize your profits! The Powerhouse Crew's event solutions is currently taking reservations for our 28 foot merchandise trailer.

Our turn-key trailer comes fully equipped with the following features:

  • a 3500 watt QUIET generator

  • Cash drawer 

  • safe

  • blu-Ray player

  • 24” television

  • 60 watt 4 channel PA system with 10” speakers and microphone

  • Plenty of interior lighting

  •  20 hanging body molds along with

  • 3/4 male and female mannequins

  • Accent lighting

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The Powerhouse Crew Event Solutions

  The Powerhouse Crew is ready to help you with all of your event merchandising needs. Along with our turn-key merchandise trailer, 

we have an array of options that include 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 tents. They are an affordable solution for those events that require multiple point of sale locations. Whether your event is big or small, indoors or out, 

The Powerhouse Crew has got you covered!


The Crew

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